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Leeza Baric is a writer and creative writing teacher who loves a good memoir. She believes that writing and sharing our stories helps us heal and connect to others in beautiful ways. With a Master's in Creative Writing, she is passionate about teaching creative writing and bringing challenging and provocative stories to life.

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Leeza Baric is a writer and creative writing teacher who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable or write about challenging topics. She has a fascination with life stories (because real life can be crazier than fiction) and believes that by sharing our stories; it helps us heal and connects us to others in surprising ways. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Post-Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters in Creative Writing (yes, that’s a huge student debt) she loves teaching creative writing and inspiring others to share their stories through her blog, courses and workshops. Leeza has written for local and national publications.

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Leeza's books include: Wobbly Woman Memoirs 1—Looking for Love, The Boy Who Refused to Sing, and Wobbly Woman An Illustrated Memoir (Rediscovering Passion & Purpose in Life).

Leeza is an Australian Croatian. Her father, Nikola, escaped from former Yugoslavia and migrated to Australia in 1959. His stories inspired her to become a writer.

In 1996, after leaving a violent relationship, Leeza grabbed her backpack and travelled the world. It restored her faith in humanity and men! 

It's The Simple Things

When Leeza isn’t writing or teaching, you can find her getting up to mischief over at WobblyWomanTV. She blogs and makes videos about food, fashion, fun and feeling good on the inside and out.

Leeza lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with her husband and two children, who inspire her daily. Her other interests include art, op-shopping, film-making and attempting to grow things.

It’s the simple things in life! Leeza loves nothing more than cooking up a feast, having fun with family and friends and enjoying nature.

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Leeza's Books

Tanya Morsman

I loved reading this book. It’s been a few years since reading a story and I’m glad I read this one. Only one thing, I wanted it to continue…I look forward to the next instalment of Wobbly Woman’s memoirs!"

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