Wobby Woman Memoirs 1 - Looking for Love

Book One of the Gripping Wobbly Woman Series

Wobbly Woman Memoirs is poetic and pacy, touching on topics and themes most people find hard to talk about but are relevant to women's lives and contemporary women's literature. A raw and real book that readers can't put down.

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life." (Elizabeth Gilbert)


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From the moment I heard Leeza narrate an excerpt from Wobbly Woman, Memoirs – Looking for Love, I wanted to know more.

Each word told me how raw Leeza’s life had been, and each sentence became the story that I saw so rich.

I sat in bed riveted for 4 hours until I finished the book. I laughed at the swear words, hearing my own gutter mouth sometimes and loving it – nothing like the joy of self love, as this there is only the self to forgive.

The story touched me in ways that I felt my own life parallel with Leeza’s in many ways. It was not just that her story invoked my sadness but also moved me to cry not just for the grief she and her family endured, but for the sheer joy that a real life roller coaster plays in the re creating of life when life has dealt a series of shit experiences.

Rich, raw, undulating and straight to the core, Wobbly Woman speaks over and over inviting the self into a relentless re creation of inspiration to dare the dance of self recovery. It says keep going and continue to do so and even when you got this, keep going for more….

I loved reading this book, it’s been a few years since reading a story and I’m glad I read this one. Only one thing, I wanted it to continue…I look forward to the next instalment of Wobbly Woman’s memoir’s.

Leeza I reckon you have a best seller here – thank you for your truth.

Tania Morsman 

Wobbly Woman Memoirs is relatable to so many couples the world over making it a ‘close to home’ read. Not necessarily the physical abuse, but not all abuse is violent...The gentle cadence that the story started with soon transformed into startling truths. It was so valuable to me that your being misunderstood gave permission for anger and colourful language to the rest of us! In a 35-year marriage myself, I found the descriptions of love enlightening. You have given women the right to feel defiant when overlooked and voice when unheard. Thank you!

Carole-ann grant-smith

So I was hooked from the first moment I held Wobbly Woman Memoirs and started reading, which was me standing in the kitchen half way through making lunch for my nearly 2-year-old. Time stood still as I related to Leeza's story and the weekend that followed was me ignoring my responsibilities and engrossing myself in Leeza's story. A story I could relate to and empathise with - what us woman do while growing up and finding ourselves. As I read the last page, I was captivated and wanted more.   Please Leeza, keep writing :-)

Andrea mclennan 

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