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Hi, I’m Leeza. A big warm-hearted welcome to you!

For me, it’s all about the story.

My purpose in life is to write great stories and help others do the same.

What’s Your Story?

Do you need help to turn your story into a book? Do you lack confidence in your ability?

Could your message change someone’s life? Could writing your story change your life?

I’m a writer and mentor.

I want to help you create beautiful stories and enjoy the process.

So, if you need help with writing, editing, or publishing your book, check out my Need Help Writing page or my e-Course & Coaching to see how I can help you.

“Knowing our story will help us to know ourselves, others, the mystery of life, and the universe around us better than we had before. It has been said that the ability to see our life as a comprehensible story is a key to our own happiness. Life stories make up the thread that connect the human family. It may well be that we can have no greater legacy than the story of our life.”


(Robert Atkinson, The Gift of Stories)

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Writing Tips Tuesday

Check out Writing Tips Tuesday-bite-sized videos with practical tips to help you on your writing journey. Sometimes you’ll get a giggle and sometimes you’ll want to take notes, but you will always leave inspired, informed or entertained. 

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Writing Tip Tuesdays

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‘Beautiful Words’ Writing Podcast

My ‘Beautiful Words’ Writing Podcast is all about creating stories & sharing stories (fiction and non-fiction). I interview authors, do book reviews and talk about all things related to reading & writing. 

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Writing Podcast

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Need Writing Help?

Have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start? I offer a range of services to take the pain away. Some of these include consultation services, book planning sessions, e-courses and editing services to help you get your book out into the world.

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Writing Help

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E-Course + 12 Week Coaching Write & Publish Your Memoir

I’m excited to offer you a self-paced e-course – Write & Publish Your Memoir and the option to work closely with me in a 12 Week coaching program to help you write your story. While you’ll learn how to write and publish your unique story,  it is the process or the unexpected journey of self-discovery that is the real magic. This is an e-course of substance and deals with all aspects of writing your life. It is for people writing a life story, family story, memoir or self-help book.  You can work towards completing your book in 12 weeks or you can enjoy the process, soak up the information and work at your own pace. The only prerequisite is courage and commitment.

Share Your Story

I want to thank you and Guy for a great day on Wobbly Woman. Keep up presenting together. You gave us so much information… so well-presented. Your testimony to forgiveness and working hard on your relationship was beautiful to see, and it showed through all day to us all. The workbook is an on-going tool for me… so much in it to explore for myself over the weeks and months ahead. A fantastic workshop. Well done.

Kristen Guy Arise Natural Therapies | arisenaturaltherapies.com.au

Accept my sincere and warmest thanks for all the different editing work you have done so well for me. I look forward to sending more writing your way. What a great service! I certainly appreciate your feedback and your encouragement. I always incorporate all your suggestions and corrections, and I do feel that my work is much better… Thanks for everything. Your advice was greatly appreciated. Working with you was a pleasure.

Carolyn Brunner Nutritionist & Director | ausbody.com

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Wobbly Woman - An Illustrated Memoir

Wobbly Woman – An illustrated Memoir

“Re-discovering Passion & Purpose in Life is a story about the sparkle within us all and what can happen when we are not true to ourselves. Leeza shares how she lost her sense of self but realised that happiness comes from having the courage to follow your dreams.”

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